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The KMP Meerkats go 3D


It's time again for the KMP meerkats to brush their whiskers before coming up to sun in the morning - because the film cameras are back to the KMP!

Caroline Hawkins and her Oxford Scientific film crew are busy with their next meerkat oeuvre, after the highly successful four Meerkat Manor series and the Flower movie "Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins". The new challenge they're taking on is thrilling: a 3D documentary about meerkats!

The 3D crew flew out for their second block of filming a few days ago, after an initial stay in September. They'll be at the KMP until mid December and then return in January for the final stint. "The footage gathered so far has been extremely good. The 3D effect is truly amazing, you really feel you can reach out and touch the meerkats. We've had a few impromptu screenings at the reserve and everyone has been transfixed." says Caroline Hawkins. The documentary, in classic form rather than a "docu soap" like Meerkat Manor, focusses more on behaviour and ecology aspects than on individuals.

The documentary is expected to go out in May/June 2011 if all goes well. It will be transmitted in 3D in UK to anyone subscribing to Sky's new 3D channel; National Geographic will air it in the US, though initially most likely in 2D.


We're looking forward to seeing our meerkats REALLY CLOSE!


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