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Links to other team pages and associated teams

University Cambridge UK, Large Animal Research Group

Prof. Tim Clutton-Brock's website, with information about his team's other areas of research, including the Red deer on the Isle of Rum, or the ancient Soay sheep of St. Kilda


University Zurich, Animal Behaviour

Prof. Marta Manser's website, with information about her team. Click here for Marta Manser's blog (in German only).


Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology

The Pied Babbler project co-situated in KRR, doing research on the sociable pied babblers.


Jane M. Waterman, University of Minnesota

Jane works with ground squirrels, and collaborates with us in the field of the evolution of social behaviour and mating systems.


Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria

The Kalahari Meerkat Project works in collaboration with the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria.

Our meerkats and staff in the media


naturalhistorymag.com article by Lynda L. Sharpe about her research on Playfighting


ABC Australia interview with Tim Clutton-Brock on his long-term research of meerkats and the red deer of Rum (Scotland), by Robyn Williams.


sciencenews.org article with Tim Clutton-Brock, Andrew Young, Marta Manser and Anne Carlson about meerkat behaviour, including sentinel call audio file



Article by Tim Clutton-Brock in the “Independent” about upcoming meerkat movies.

Radio broadcast by BBC with Tim Clutton-Brock


National Geographic mini movie with Tim Clutton-Brock on meerkat vocalizations



Meerkats Stand Tall

Meerkats - the Zoological Jackpot

Our meerkats featured in National Geographics. Including an interview with Tim Clutton-Brock, and many links to online resources.



Wild chronicles "Hunting meerkats"

A National Geographic production about meerkat hunting and other behaviour, with Grant Mcilrath & Tim Clutton-Brock


Former volunteers and visitors


Sharon's Earthwatch Meerkat expedition pictures

Sharon visited the Kalahari Meerkat Project on an Earthwatch expedition in September 2007 - excellent photos!



Miles Robert's article in Zoogoer

A scientist from the Smithsonian's National Zoo tracks a meerkat group heading toward a battle in the desert.  


Colin Rayner's Earthwatch Meerkat diary

Colin Rayner's day-to-day diary about his Earthwatch expedition in the Kalahari Meerkat Project. Thanks to Colin for sharing his pictures!



pangolin.li Earthwatch Meerkat diary

Evi Bauer's diary about her Earthwatch expedition, with many pics and movies


Christy Bidstrup's article on her Earthwatch trip

An in-depth account of Christy's Earthwatch expedition - many thanks to Christy for letting us use some great photos for this site!



Anthony Brewer's Earthwatch pics

A lot of pictures of an Earthwatch trip in 2003 - showing many famous meerkats in their pup days 

External links to meerkat-related sites

Meerkat Manor

Meerkat Manor UK site

Meerkat Manor US site

Much more background and cool stuff about the Meerkat Manor series and our Whiskers


Real-life communities

Fellow Earthling's Wildlife Center

A wildlife center in California hosting meerkats - but also an online resource about meerkats.


The East Coast Meerkat Society

A group of people interested in meerkats - they meet to visit zoos with meerkat exhibitions. Support their fund-raising campaign for the Tres Amigos in the NY Staten Island zoo! The site features an extensive link list to meerkat-related information, including lists of zoos with meerkats, and links to meerkat videos.

Meerkat-related online forums:

Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor Forum (US)

Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor forum (UK)

Mel's Mob

Meerkat Manor Friends

'Meerkat forum'




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