Van Helsing (VH)

Van Helsing with Billy and Titan

Van Helsing cuddle with Billy and Titan

The Van Helsing group was formed in February 2008 by three evicted Whiskers females, and two wild males. One or more of the females had given birth while being evicted; the four pups were most probably Bananas’. Flo and Titan seemed to have settled in the dominant positions, and the group was growing steadily. However, in 2009 Flo was overthrown by Billy, and disappeared. Billy kept a tight grip on her group, and made them grow successfully, for four years – yet no Van Helsing individuals escaped her reach to form their own groups. Billy was found predated in May 2013; Frusicante took over dominance. Only two months later, eight of their males left, to join Nequoia and Sequoia, respectively. The vacant position was then filled by two wild immigrant males; “Chemical Kev’s Moped” was the one who remained and remained dominant. Female dominance became shifting, with no female lasting longer than a few months before she was displaced by a sister. Egg seems to have firmly established dominance around mid 2014, while her older sister and former dominant Bes1 was evicted for most of the time. Bes1 finally emigrated to form the HighVoltage group in January 2015. Dominant male Kev disappeared during the 2015/2016 drought, and natal male Angel Shuffle won dominance. He and the other adult males were recently displaced however, by a group of Zulus males. Küçük is now dominant.

The Van Helsing live along the Botswana road, north of the Gannavlake farmhouse.


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