Nematoads (NM)

Nematoads were added to the groups list thanks to the dispersal project that followed evictees past their eviction: Lazuli females Bernie, Fran-the-Wu-Man and Sutica formed a new group with Baobab male Crusty and a wild male, in January 2014. They started raising litters, and with the wild male gone, were soon back to being a habituated group. The two subordinate founder females left the group in 2015 to form the short-lived Xhodes group. Unfortunately, Crusty was predated in August 2015. The other adult males emigrated, and a wild male joined the group. Both the male and dominant female Bernie disappeared in early 2016, during the drought. The remaining three females were joined by three Quintessential and two wild males. Two wild males now remain; Indiana is the dominant female right now.

They are located West of Lazuli and Baobab territory, in a beautiful remote area that didn’t use to form part of the monitored area.

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