Jaxx (JX)

Diana, Jaxx' founding female

Diana, Jaxx’ founding female

A group first seen in May 2008, formed by two Lazuli females who dispersed in December 2007, and a Hoax male who dispersed in October 2007. With them were two juveniles. The Hoax male was then displaced by two wild males. The group was led by Diana, and grew steadily, until Vince the dominant male and several other members disappeared one by one, probably due to predation. Kori, a natal male, eventually established dominance in 2010. The group’s numbers increased, mostly due to Diana being so prolific – only two litters in 5 years were not her own. July 2013 saw a major change with the natal males, including Kori being displaced by four wild immigrants. Only one of them, Guinness, remains with the group today, as the dominant male. Diana also started to slow down with pregnancies, probably due to her age, and allowed her daughters to have litters. Tragedy struck in August 2014 when Diana was predated, 9.5 years old and in the late stages of pregnancy. Her three oldest daughters were at the verge of forming an evictee splinter, but returned and Teahupo’o took dominance, despite the fact that CheesyPuff was her senior by two years. The three females kept fighting, until Cheesy Puff was predated in July 2015. In early 2016, five males emigrated to join Ewoks.

The group lives on Heights farm, South of the main road. Their territory overlaps with an ostrich farm, so they often can’t be visited – due to the risk of an ostrich attack on a volunteer.

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