Ewoks (EK)

Ewoks 2014

Ewoks 2014

The Ewoks were founded by evicted Kung Fu females and former Rascals and Colombians males. Dominant female McDreamy evicted the subordinate females during her first pregnancy and they dispersed; she remained the only adult female for a long time. Her first litter was killed in a burrow raid by Kung Fu, but after that the group has been growing steadily. McDreamy managed to raise four successful litters in one breeding season. Tigi’s place as dominant male remained unchallenged, yet Lorax, one of the oldest Ewoks males, won dominance at Rascals. Ewoks were the probably the most successful group during the 2014/2015 drought, since they were the only group whose dominant couple remained in place. An era ended though when McDreamy was found dead in January 2016; she had fallen victim to the more severe 2015/2016 drought. The oldest daughter Edzna took over dominance. In February, a group of five Jaxx males displaced the Ewoks adult males including Tigi, with Kazeh winning dominance.

Ewoks’ mark are the bent or short tails some of the pups sport – probably inherited from kinky-tailed Tigi.

The Ewoks lived south of the main road next to Kung Fu and Rascals, on the rolling red dunes, but recently moved into a bleaker territory closer to the Heights farm, where they now border Whiskers.

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