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VUK1201-pup-Sky-Lisa-1024x683The Life History Report summarises the main events in the currently habituated meerkat groups. A table presenting the events in abbreviated form is available to the public for download; it is updated on a regular basis, usually each 2nd month. Friends of the Kalahari Meerkat Project gain access to The Meerkatter, a bi-monthly magazine with Life History details and background information to the important events in the past months.


Click on the following titles to download the monthly LH Tables:


All good things must come to an end...

2018-12 December LH files

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2018-06 June LH Table

2018-05 May LH Table

2018-04 April LH Table

2018-03 March LH Table

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2017 February LH Table

2017 January LH Table

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2016 October LH Table

2016-09 September LH Table

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2016-02 February LH Table

2016-01 January LH Table

2015-12 December LH Table

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2015-09 September LH Table

2015-08 August LH Table

2015-07 July LH Table

2015-06 June LH Table

2015-05 May LH Table

2015-04 April LH Table

2015-03 March LH Table

2015-02 February LH Table

2015-01 Jan LH Table

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