KMP Meerkats

Laura  Meldrum 3Learn more about the KMP meerkats: about your favourite meerkats’ life histories, the groups we observe and those that were lost, their territories… Come here to get the latest life history information – the public “LH Table” and “The Meerkatter”, our bi-monthly magazine for Friends of the KMP.

  • Life History: Download the current LH table, learn more about the meerkats’ lifecycle, naming or identification, and the welfare of KMP meerkats.
  • Current Groups: Information about the currently observed groups.
  • Lost Groups: Profiles of all lost groups – of all observed since the project’s start in 1993.
  • Territories: Background about group territories
  • Gallery: Photos and movies of typical meerkat behaviour, individuals, life at the KMP research site.
  • FAQs: Questions we heard before, and the answers – to both meerkats in general as well as the KMP meerkats.



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