2017 June LH Table

The June Life History files have been uploaded.

The most important events:

  • One group goes, one group comes:
    June saw the demise of Rascals as a group, unfortunately. Both remaining females succumbed to TB, bringing the Rascals group history to a sad end. The group was founded in 1998, making them the 3rd oldest study group right now (Whiskers are just 6 months older). 6 Rascals males are still around and are being tracked, hoping they will found a new group with other females.
  • Also in June, the new group (Van Helsing 4) entered the KMP stage with a chance encounter, with VH males Howard (VVHM082) and Angel Shuffle (VVHM075), two wild females and two juries;
    The dry season and Winter have come to the KMP field site, with night temperatures dropping to chilly -8°C (17°F) and barely any rainfall. This means that only few females are pregnant: one, to be exact. Evicted BB female Leia lost her litter, however – so there hasn’t been a single pregnant female at the end of June!
  • Whiskers are doing fine.

Click here to download the LH Table.

Friends will find “The Meerkatter” June/July issue here (login needed).

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