The Meerkatter

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 22.20.31Keep up with everything meerkat – here’s the Meerkatter Magazine, exclusively for Friends of the Kalahari Meerkat Project!

The Meerkatter, for now published each two months, does not only contain the most important life history events per group, but also longer texts about important events in the KMP meerkat population, about special individuals, background on meerkat behaviour, or info about current research projects – along with photos or climate data. The texts are written by volunteers and researchers currently working at the project’s field site – so they will give our readers first-hand insights about what’s going on at the KMP! The initial issue, Sep/Oct 2015, is available to everyone via the website; later issues are for logged-in Friends only.

This new magazine published by the FKMP replaces the Detailed Life History reports previously available to Friends. The Life History tables will remain publicly available, and can of course also be used by Friends for detail information about standard events like roving, group size etc. Click here to get to the Life History Tables.

To download your copy of The Meerkatter, click on the links below (you must be logged in):

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