2016 December LH

The December 2016 Life History files are uploaded.

Some of the most important events:

  • Swift (VWF176), at Whiskers, gave birth, but the litter was abandoned after a few days, unfortunately – an with them juvenile Lavandula (VWF203) who had stayed with the pups.
  • Baobab had a mixed litter of nine pups.
  • JubJub Bird (VLF194), the Lazuli dominant female, went missing during a stormy night, probably when a burrow collapsed, and is assumed dead. Elise the Great (VLF219) is now dominant.
  • The Quintessentials group disintegrated after the last remaining female Growl Tiger (VQLF019) was found predated. Former dominant male Chewbacca is still roving.
  • Laika (VRRF180) took over dominance at Rascals after previous dominant female Edna May (VRRF137) disappeared, probably due to TB.


Click here to download the LH Table.

Friends will find “The Meerkatter” December 2016/January 2017 issue here (login needed).

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