2018-12 December LH files

MP’s Bridget (VQLF011), pregnant

The December LH files are a bit late – my apologies for this.

  • December is the peak of breeding time – so this report is all about pregnancies and pups! Of 23 females pregnant at the beginning of the month, five dominant females gave birth to a successful litter: Jaxx’ Baloo (6 pups), Elrond Council’s Tayl Baez (5 pups) and Whiskers’ Swift. The litters of Zulus’ Poma and Make-a-Plan’s Bridget were yet to emerge on New Years Eve. The success of Swift’s litter remained unclear for a while, with only faint lactation marks (i.e. sand sticking to her nipples) for good old Swift, but 5 pups emerged! They are yet to be named.
  • Lazuli’s Filthy Mac Nasty and Ubuntu’s Daisy were less successful, their litter was lost. Habituation group Freetails’ dominant female Floob unfortunately lost her litter too – and her male.
  • There has only be little rain this month, let’s hope the rest of the rainy season will be better.

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