2018-11 November LH Files

Just in time for Christmas the November Life History files have been uploaded.

  • Unfortunately, Egg, long-term dominant female of Van Helsing and eldest female in the current population, has died in a fight with Make-a-Plan. She was weakened by TB and could not put up much of a fight. She died from her injuries.
  • Eldest subordinate female Goblin was also found dead, on the main road; Van Helsing are currently led by Inara (VVHF109). The upheaval led to the demise subordinate females Molly-Moo (VVHF113), King Eric (VVHF115) and Murray (VVHF116) who teamed up with roving Ubuntu males Tino (VUBM002) and Purple Wizard (VUBM003) and a wild (but fairly human-tolerant) male, forming the new group X-Force (XF).
  • But this is not all that changes in the KMP group structure: Welcome Namaqua (NQ) – this new group was founded by MP’s Heatherleigh (VQLF018), Megatron II (VMPF001) and evicted male Chateaubriand (VMPM005) plus Lazuli male Lewie (VLM228).

Click here to download the LH Table. As a little Christmas present to our Friends and website visitors, we also include a territory map as of November 2018 – please click here!

Friends will find “The Meerkatter” issue here (login needed).

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all Friends and meerkat lovers!

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