2018-10 LH files

The October Life History files have been uploaded.

  • Baobab are no longer… With Hippie (VBBF142) the last remaining female passed away mid October, bringing the history of this once so successful group to a sad end. Unfortunately, also Egg, dominant female of Van Helsing, is showing signs of decline – hopefully not following Baobab’s path.
  • Make-a-Plan have a new dominant male, Le Grand Obstacle (VVHM103) who immigrated with 3 VH males. Run Amuk’s dominant female Eedward (VJXF097) disappeared over night, so Bean (VRUF001) is now dominant.
  • With the start of the rainy season come the roving trips: A group of 6 Lazuli males crossed the entire reserve to find other females.

Click here to download the LH Table.

Friends will find “The Meerkatter” issue here (login needed).

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