2018-05 May LH Table


Swift’s litter born on May 2nd, 2018:
Three males Scuzi (VWM213), Lilac (VWM214) and Jay A Rod (VWM216) and two females Crimson (VWF215) and Saspa (VWF217).
Photo: Meerkat volunteer Rebecca Schaefer.

The May Life History files have been uploaded.

Here are the most important events:

  • Baobab have a new dominant male – a wild immigrant. Most individuals suffer from TB, however.
  • Jazzy Jeff was driven out of Run Amuk by Hakuna Matata males Riptide and Reepicheep. He’s now wandering between groups.
  • Many groups have had late litters, including Swift’s 5 pups at Whiskers, or Egg’s 6 pups at Van Helsing.
  • Please note that the LH table and the Meerkatter LH details now feature a new category „Unknown“ among the groups; this is not a proper group, but lists the individuals that are not considered part of a group (e.g. long-term evictees, or ousted males) but still appear in the population, living on their own.

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