2018-01 January LH Table

The January Life History files have been uploaded.

Here are the most important events:

  • The KMP now employs a local tracker, Karel, who managed to track a new group the north-eastern corner of the reserve – and it includes two dispersed Baobab females, Tayl Baez (VBBF117) and Kamala (VBBF116), with wild males and young. The group is named Elrond’s Council, and is being habituated.
  • Ubuntu’s dominant female Minusch lost dominance during a group split in which she gave birth. The leader of the other splinter group, Daisy (being heavier), overthrew her when they reunited.
  • One of the wild males at Ubuntu was seen being attacked by an African Wild Cat – an extraordinary observation! He survived with broken legs (but the February report will tell you he survived).
  • Baobab again lost their dominant pair, Duchess Koloratura and Willy, due to illness.
  • There has been some rain, finally – much helping the very skinny meerkats!

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