2017 February LH Table

The February 2017 Life History files are uploaded.

Some of the most important events:

  • Swift, at Whiskers, has given birth on February 22nd.
  • Lazuli has seen just another dominance change, after dominant female Elise the Great (VLF219) disappeared. Minnie (VLF222) is her successor.
  • Both Drachentöter (VLM189, also known as Stumpy due to his stumpy tail – one of the most successful rovers of the past years who stayed in 6 groups during his lifetime) and Chewbacca (JXM077, the last remaining member of the “Friends” litter) succumbed to TB. Roving male Genie (VJXM035) was killed in an IGI with Rascals.
  • Furthermore, the Ewoks group disintegrated with the death of the last remaining female Edzna (two roving males remain, but they are not collared).
  • There are two new subgroups: “Annals of History” (AH, with two Baobab females) and TB-or-not-TB (TN), formed by Jaxx evictee Sheena and four roving males of diverse origins, including Whisker’s K-Quob.
  • The rains continued in February – the KMP received more rain in January and February 2017 than in the entire year 2016!

Click here to download the LH Table.

Friends will find “The Meerkatter” February/March issue here (login needed).

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