2017-12 December LH Table

The December Life History files have been uploaded.

Here are the most important events:

  • There are 20 females pregnant at the end of the month – peak breeding season! Unfortunately, several groups lost their young pups however – Jaxx, for example, lost 5 of their 6 new pups.
  • 2 come, 2 go… There are two new dispersal groups on the mark sheet: Freetails (formerly Lazuli 3) consisting of 3 Lazuli evictees with a changing company of males. And Run Amuk consist of Jaxx’ long-term No. 2 Jazzy Jeff with two Jaxx females. At the same time however, the TB-or-not-TB group was lost after the only collared female was found dead, while the Yetis group dwindled possibly due to TB.

Click here to download the LH Table.

Friends will find “The Meerkatter” August issue here (login needed).

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